stagiaire (staʒjɛʀ)

  • n. An amateur rider who is taken in by a professional team during the season.
  • n. A cook who temporarily works, for free, in another chef's kitchen to acquire new skills.

Just as a pro-cycling team invites amateur cyclists to their team, we invite others to work with us and take away knowledge that will help them in their careers and make great pizza more widely available. Because as we all know, there is enough BAD pizza out there. 

We welcome stagiaires for stays from single days to weeks and we've hosted them from as near as the pub next door and as far away as Jakarta and London. However, we do have a few requirements of our stagiaires:

  • all travel and accommodations are up to you.
  • we restrict this invitation to professional cooks and chefs; we do not have the capacity or time to open our kitchen to every aspiring home chef. 
  • we expect you to act professional and realize you are a guest in our kitchen.
  • you must provide a resume with your work experience.
  • you must work hard.

if interested, email us to get the conversation going